Dust Collection

Schutte Motion is pleased to have partnered with Imperial Systems to offer the CMAXX™ dust and fume collector. CMAXX™ was designed to be the strongest, safest, and most efficient collector in the industry. it offers unique features found in no other dust collector. With powerful DeltaMAXX™ PRIME filters, the CMAXX™ features improved filter life, better pulse cleaning, and higher efficiency. CMAXX™ systems are manufactured in the USA.


  • CrownTech domed roof for weather resistance
  • Lift rails designed for easy and safe filter changes
  • No external bolt holes to prevent rust or leaks
  • Industrial powder coating for wear-resistant surface
  • Vertical filter arrangement for improved filter function
  • Angled inlet baffles to protect filters
  • Available In-Line Deflagration Arrestor (IDA) function
  • 15 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Heavy duty construction, extra durable doors and latches

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