Hydraulic Box Dumpers

Schutte Motion offers hydraulic box dumpers with dump heights of up to 84″. These container dumpers provide a strong and consistent performance day after day, and year after year. With a dump angle of up to 135 degrees, this box dumper is great for carts, bins, gaylord boxes and cans. Custom fabrication to fit your carts or specific needs is a standard feature on these box dumpers. Additional options include: auto run controls, lock systems for carts, side load, and gated enclosures with interlock.

Applications that regularly exceed six cycles per hour and/or more than one shift per day require heavy duty dumpers. If the items being dumped act like a sticky commodity that requires frequent jogging to maintain flow, then a container dumper may be needed. Our units are equipped with continuous duty motors and the robust design features extra rugged structural members.

Schutte Motion box dumpers are the ideal method to empty material from a container into production, recycling or waste handling equipment. Some common applications and uses for our our box dumpers to move material are:

  • Onto a conveyor
  • Into smaller containers
  • Onto a sorting tray or table
  • Directly into production or processing equipment
  • Feeding balers, shredders or hammer mills

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