Disc Screeners

Schutte Motion Disc Screens are specifically designed for shredded, chipped and other bulk materials. Our patented, rugged design, allows them to perform in difficult environments.

The single deck disc screens are available in multiple sizes and can be utilized with all types of shredders. The screens are operated by a variable frequency drive (VFD). By aggressively agitating and rolling the material, smaller chips are removed by the system and material size can be easily adjusted. Agitation bars on all shafts and our tipped daisy design make these systems 25-35% more efficient than typical disc screens.

The double deck disc screens are twice as efficient as the single deck disc screen as each deck is operated by a variable frequency drive (VFD). By varying the speed of each deck independently, material size is easily adjusted. The hardened tool steel double disc screens require the same amount of space as single deck disc screens.

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